Digital re-release of Matiegka album

On March 18, David Leisner’s 2009 album of solo guitar works by Wenzeslaus Matiegka (1773-1830) was digitally re-released. Due to a clerical error, this album had been unavailable in digital format for many years, but now it is available on Spotify and Apple. American Record Guide: “Leisner plays with the excellence we’ve come to expect. He is an assertive, sensitive, inventive, creative musician. He’s discovered some truly substantial music in Matiegka”. Suonare: “What sets David Leisner apart is the refinement of his phrasing, which he imbues with clear, convincing and original intentions. His playing is authoritative, without trying to appear so. And he succeeds marvelously, taking us through this entire recording without a single dull moment.”…/matiegka-works-for…/1613558233