Another rave review for the Kelly/Leisner recording of Schubert’s Die Schöne Müllerin

American Record Guide, in its March/April 2023 issue, found much to admire in Michael Kelly’s and David Leisner’s recorded interpretation of Schubert’s Die Schöne Müllerin on the Bright Shiny Things label. “Both artists perform commendably in this very intimate reading, which sets it apart strikingly from all the many recordings of it I’ve reviewed. Kelly uses his light lyric voice effectively with prudently applied rubato and lovely soft singing. His articulation of the text is lucid and is as thoughtfully delivered as Bostridge’s but without a sense of fussiness…The gentle accompaniment of the guitar allows Kelly to sing softly and flexibly. Also it allows you to hear the work in a new way…Leisner’s clear and flexible articulation of the accompaniment is riveting, with many arresting touches…I found this reading evoking more feelings in me than most recordings I’ve encountered.” Robert A. Moore, American Record Guide