Philip Glass arrangement published at last!

After years of trying to get permission for publishing, David Leisner has succeeded in getting Chester Music to release his arrangement of Solo Violin Music (formerly the Fourth Knee Play) from Einstein on the Beach.  This note-for-note transcription was recorded by Leisner on his Music of the Human Spirit album for Azica.   It is available at:

The Editor’s Note was omitted from the publication.  Here it is:

“In 1981, after hearing the complete concert version of Einstein on the Beach performed at Town Hall in New York by the Philip Glass Ensemble, I approached Philip with the proposal to make a guitar arrangement of what was then called Knee Play 4, one of the violin solos. I heard its potential as a virtually perfect guitar piece. He was intrigued and allowed me to have a copy of the music, which I then transcribed note-for-note, with the exception of changing octaves in one passage (rehearsal number 6). I played it for him, and he was pleased with the result, allowing me to perform and record the work (Music of the Human Spirit, Azica CD). Philip has since revised this Knee Play, so the title of this piece is now Violin Solo Music (from Einstein on the Beach), a hybrid of the revised Knee Play 2 and Knee Play 4.

While La Monte Young wrote his for Guitar in 1958 for electric guitar, this work, as a note-for-note transcription made with the composer’s blessing, may be considered the first Minimalist work for the classical guitar.”